Advanced Topics in Book Marketing: Jeffrey Eugenides Edition


From Janet Maslin’s review of Boris Kachka’s ‘Hothouse’, the new history of  FSG:

But Mr. Kachka must raise the ante and resort to full-out cheerleading when describing the house’s current incarnation, with Jonathan Galassi in charge (“If Jonathan Galassi didn’t exist, FSG would have had to invent him”), and Jonathan Franzen and Jeffrey Eugenides as top writing talent. Really, it seems better not to remember that the company promoted Mr. Eugenides’s “Marriage Plot” with a Times Square billboard featuring the headline “Swoonworthy” to accompany his picture.

Am I the only one who thinks publishing needs more billboards in Times Square, and less fawning recollections of the Golden Age? Say what you want about ‘Swoon-worthy’, but those were a triumphant couple of weeks! Who couldn’t love it? His vest even spawned a twitter account!

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.53.42 AM



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